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Name: Mollie D. Roy
Sign/Age: Taurus, 18
Alias: nada
Major: Not sure, prolly Child Phyc or pre-law
Hometown: Selah, WA (Yakima)
Smoking: Why would I put cancer sticks into my mouth?
Music: Anything and everything, but preferably classic rock
Drugs/Drinking: No drugs, drinking in very controlled moderation
Books: Love Kate Atkinson and Christopher Moore
Politics: totally depends on the issue
Clothes: whatever fits lol
Movies: Titanic, Briget Jones (1&2), classic stuff
TV: Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, CONAN OBRIEN!
Beverages: Diet Pepsi, Shirley Temples
Games: What kind of games....?
Sports: Not very good, but I love baseball, and of course GU basketball!
Fast Food: Nah, after watching Super Size Me, I just can't
Live Next Year?: Hopefully C/M, but we'll see
Siblings: Two, Joe who is 15, and Kellie, who is 12
AIM: HalliCoop2
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