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Hello Everyone!

Welcome everyone to the first Gonzaga class of 2009 community. I thought this would be a fun place to meet other people who are planning on coming to Gonzaga in the fall 05.

Current Students can join as well to help answer any questions there are.

So basicly when you first join, just post this little info for everyone to get to know eachother, then post away. It doesn't have to be a question, this just a place for us to all talk with eachother and get to know some people before we all get onto campous.

Name: Julia
Sign/Age: Gemini/18
Alias: Jewels
Major: Psychology, or Marketing...but I don't really know yet.
Hometown: Mercer Island, Wa
Smoking: Really grosses me out!!
Music: Pretty much everything - DMB, Country (sometimes), ya, like I said I'll listen to mostly whatever - except not jazz, no jazz.
Drugs/Drinking: No drugs, drinking sometimes for added fun.
Books: Not much time for outside reading, Harry Potter!
Politics: Such a Liberal - Seattle, hello!!
Clothes: Whatever works, or is on sale.
Movies: LOTR, Pirates, Harry Potter, Disney Movies!! And tons others - romance, comedies, action-ish, horror(only late at night).
TV: Friends, GG, The Amazing Race (Sadly I don't have cable...)
Beverages: Pink Lemonade, Sprite
Games: Basketball...umm cards, BS, Hearts
Sports: I used to play basketball till I screwed up my ankle. I also an a big M's fan.
Fast Food: I have a guilty pleasure for McDonald's fries...gross I know but also soooo good!
Live Next Year?: I really want to be in Twohy, that setup looks pretty sweet, if not then Goller I guess, I dunno - not so happy about the PCness, but the suite style will make up for it
Siblings: Two brothers, one older 21 - he's a sophmore right now at GU. The other is 11.
AIM: Mochagurl616 - probibly going to change that soon, it's getting kinda old!

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First thing about PC:
no one lives PC